Veterinary Research Institute, Lahore is the inaugural and leading research organization in the country, administratively controlled by the Livestock and Dairy Development Department, Government of the Punjab. The Institute was established in 1963 and is situated at Zarrar Shaheed Road, Lahore Cantt. The institute pledges research on important animal diseases prevalent throughout the province, produces vaccines and diagnostic agents for their effective control. The Laboratories are highly equipped with advance diagnostic and biological production equipment for the disease investigation and production of biologics to meet the challenging vaccine field demands. The research approach is directed towards finding the solution of the problems and the development of procedures designed to benefit the livestock and poultry sector.

The mission of the organization is to improve the health and productivity of livestock and poultry through quality vaccines and disease control. The department works with the vision to ensure quality biologics production for enhancement of livestock sector.


The prime objectives of the department are as under:

  • Large scale production of quality biologics for the control of infectious diseases of livestock and poultry. 
  • Research studies in the related disciplines of animal health and biologics produced in VRI. 
  • Studies related to prevailing and newly emerging diseases of livestock and poultry.
  • Development and standardization of modern techniques for research, production of biologics and to improve the quality of biologics being produced at VRI.
  • Trainings of in-service veterinarians, para Veterinary staff, post-graduate students and graduate internees from Veterinary / other universities from all over the Punjab.
  • Trainings of the farmers to familiarize them with livestock health problems and vaccination schedule etc.